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The approach taken by advisers differs significantly. This can affect the size and accuracy of your R&D claim, not to mention the amount of time required from you and your team during the claim process.

What if your £40,000 R&D claim should be worth £80,000?

What if the time required from you and your team during the claim process could be halved?

At Heydon Innovation, our ethos is that you should not be doing anything that we can do on your behalf. This helps us to better understand your business and make sure that each claim is fully maximised.

Here are some things to consider before starting your next claim.


The scenarios below can make R&D claims more complex.

  1. Grant funding.
  2. Capitalised R&D expenditure.
  3. Incomplete record keeping.
  4. Acting as a subcontractor.

If these complexities are assessed and dealt with incorrectly, a company could significantly under-claim and, in some cases, not claim at all.

Best practice

Do you meet with your adviser annually?

Face to face meetings generally result in a better understanding of your business, a more efficient process and a more personalised service.

Do you write the technical report?

A short conversation, guided by us, is usually far more useful than a report prepared by you/your staff and can save hours of time for your company. HMRC requires a clear and concise technical report that explains not only your company’s R&D but how this fits within HMRC’s guidelines.

We are the experts on how to do this and do not believe that you should have to spend your company’s valuable time on this part of the process.

We use the notes from our meetings to draft the technical report for you to approve.

Do you complete standard templates?

Information collection templates and spreadsheets are unappealing, time consuming, and often rushed as a result. We help your team to provide the basic (and generally readily available) information. We will then find a way to use what you already have.

Documentation and methodology

HMRC expects a bespoke claim methodology appropriate to your company’s sector and size. This should incorporate clear analysis and assessment that can be easily explained.

Clear and concise explanation in the claim documentation is as important as the methodology itself. Any over-complication only increases the chance of an HMRC enquiry. If you do not understand the claim documentation, it is unlikely that HMRC will either.

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R&D Tax Relief

A generous tax relief opportunity for innovative and forward thinking companies, creating considerable benefits for shareholders and Directors.

About Us

We are not what you would expect from 'typical' accountants or tax advisers. Our approach is to keep our ways of working flexible, to fit around our clients.

Heydon Insights

Your company does not need to be profit making to make an R&D claim. Loss-making SMEs receive a cash payment from HMRC.

If you are already claiming, we are happy to review your most recent claim for free. We may be able to increase the value and/or make the process easier for you.

Any company that uses science or technology to work on innovative projects should review whether it qualifies.

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We wouldn't want to navigate tax rules without Heydon Innovation's support. They remove the hassle of managing any claims and break things down clearly so you're kept in the loop. A valuable addition to our team.